Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ANOTHER Occasion we hadn't thought of

Apparently we are just not thinking over here at Pinkerton Design. While we've been busy designing birthday, anniversary and thank you cards, the geniuses at inSPOT.org have been coming up with "Hey, I think I gave you an STD!" cards. The scary thing is these are for real. See all your options here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

let me introduce myself...

Or just my arms & toes, that is. I've worked here at Pinkerton Design for a year and a half and I believe my big break was our tote bag photo shoot! :) Thanks to all the great blogs for the press coverage since launching our new site! It's exciting to see blogs I read religiously admiring Pinkerton as much as I do. And now I'm all over the internet. Mom and Dad would be so proud.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

WORKING ON: Todd & Holland Tea Catalog

There isn't much time these days to take on graphic design projects, but every year I do design Todd & Holland Tea Merchants' catalog. Here are a few shots from this year's photoshoot, along with a couple faves from last year. Photos are all skillfully taken by Chicago photographer Kipling Swehla. Lots of fine teas and most of the accessories you see here are available on the Todd & Holland site (where you can also sign up to receive the finished product, their print catalog). Ok, back to working on it, enough talking about it.

Print & Pattern Blog

Thanks to Bowie at the oh-so-inspiring blog, Print & Pattern, for the great coverage of our recycled totes yesterday. See the profile here and while you're at it, peruse the many other great finds she's collected.