Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Telly Online Shop Launches

Our friends at Telly Chicago have been making fun, functional kids' stuff for some time, but they've just made it easy to find their entire collection by launching their online shop. Chicago mom Amy Bailey created the line herself, after strolling around the blustery Windy City with her newborn, and recognizing a need for a really good baby blanket. We recommend the snuggly-soft fleece blankets that will quickly become every mom's favorite. (We even use ours in the Pack-n-Play as a mattress pad when we travel - it fits perfectly and seems so much more comfy.) Also, you'll find some Pinkerton cards here that you won't find anywhere else (not even our own site!)- flat notecards designed especially for kids in cowboy, bug and other fun themes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden Series Prints

Our Garden Series greeting cards have been a big hit - and now we are excited to be able to offer art prints of each of the designs. These are available on our Etsy shop (hopefully will be available on our own site soon.) in 2 sizes, for $20-$3o. They are beautifully printed - on a very high end digital printer that produces fine detail and solid bright colors, using archival pigment inks. We use a heavy cotton art paper, and the result is gorgeous. These would look great framed as a series, or alone. And so much easier to maintain than a real garden. No weeding, guaranteed.

If there are other designs you'd like to see as prints, send us an email. We are just getting started doing prints, and are looking forward to offering more.

MAUM Tea Packaging

Today I stopped for an iced tea instead of a coffee on the way to work. I ended up with a horrible tasting Assam. I won't mention the brand, but it got me digging around on the internet and I found this. Clever - the little guy hangs over the edge of your cup, like he's hanging out in a hot tub, while his tea bag body brews your tea. It just makes me happy when someone rethinks and redesigns something basic like a bag of tea. More here on WDARU's site.

Images from WDARU.