Monday, April 5, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother's Day is coming up and it's the perfect time for a giveaway, wouldn't you say?

Here's the deal: Visit our shop to see all of our tote bags and notebook designs, pick one (or two!) out and also pick out any Mother's Day card you'd like and you'll receive it for free! 

Just enter "welovemoms" at check out!


A Southern Accent said...

Love your work! I saw some of your cards at Parker and Otis in Durham, NC last week and bought one for my sis. Made a point to write down the name on the back b/c I wanted to look you up! I'm going to be writing about your designs on my blog this week!

Bethany said...

thank you! We're so glad you like the designs and we look forward to reading your post!